Tower Listing by Name

Lookout towers by name  in the FFLA Southern California Chapter

Lookout County #NHLR Operator Comments
Black Mountain San Bernardino 289 SBNF Good condition – Open
Boucher Hill San Diego 394 Cal Dept Parks & Recreation Good condition – Open
Butler Peak San Bernardino 292 SBNF Good condition – Open
Calandra Monterey 395 Cal-fire Unknown
Caliente Mountain San Luis Obispo BLM Former AWS tower, now collapsed
Call Mountain San Benito Cal-fire Needs work
Castro Peak Los Angeles 1289 LA County Fire Good/Public Display
Chalone Peak San Benito 396 Cal-fire Needs work
Chews Fidge Monterey 751 LPNF Needs work
Cone Peak Monterey 1288 LPNF Good condition
Cuyama Peak Santa Barbara 286 LPNF Badly damaged
Estelle Mountain Riverside 752 Cal-fire Control tower at Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base
Figueroa Mountain Santa Barbara LPNF Badly damaged
Frazier Mountain Ventura LPNF Badly damaged
Hi Mountain San Luis Obispo 522 LPNF In use as Condor tracking station
High Point San Diego 735 CNF Good condition – Open
Hot Springs Mountain San Diego 753 Los Coyotes Reservation Collapsing
Junipero Serra Monterey Steel legs – no cab
Keller Peak San Bernardino 28 SBNF Good condition – Open
La Cumbre Peak Santa Barbara 882 LPNF Badly damaged-Radiation hazard
Los Pinos Mountain San Diego 742 CNF Good condition – Open
Lyons Peak San Diego 754 CNF Needs work
Manzanita Mountain Santa Barbara LPNF Need Info
Morton Peak San Bernardino 673 SBNF Good condition – Open
Nordhoff Peak Ventura LPNF Steel legs only
Red Mountain San Diego 755 Cal-fire Converted to comms facility
San Rafael Los Angeles 1220 Glendale Fire Dept Converted to comms facility
Sid Ormsby Monterey 883 Cal-fire Private land
Slide Mountain Los Angeles 1045 ANF Good condition – Open
Smith Mountain Monterey 884 Cal-fire Good condition
South Mountain Ventura 885 Ventura County Converted to comms facility
South Mt Hawkins Los Angeles 295 Destroyed by fire 2002
Strawberry Peak San Bernardino 293 SBNF Good condition – Open
Tahquitz Peak San Bernardino 291 SBNF Good condition – Open
Thorn Peak Ventura 308 LPNF Badly damaged
Vetter Mountain Los Angeles 294 ANF Destroyed by fire being replaced

ANF = Angeles National Forest
CNF = Cleveland National Forest
LPNF = Los Padres National Forest
SBNF = San Bernardino National Forest