Tower Listing by Name

Black MountainSan Bernardino289SBNFGood condition – Open
Boucher HillSan Diego394Cal Dept of ParksGood condition – Open
Branch MountainSan Luis Obispo1392LPNFNo access – surrounded by private property
Butler PeakSan Bernardino292SBNFGood condition – Open
CalandraMonterey395Cal-fireFair Condition, but unknown RF radiation issues at location
Caliente MountainSan Luis Obispo BLMFormer AWS tower, now collapsed
Call MountainSan Benito1341Cal-fireNeeds work
Castro PeakLos Angeles1289L.A County FireGood/Public Display
Chalone PeakSan Benito396Cal-fireNeeds work
Chews RidgeMonterey751LPNFFair Condition, Open
Cone PeakMonterey1288LPNFGood condition-full of radio gear
Cuyama PeakSanta Barbara286LPNFBadly damaged
Estelle MountainRiverside752Cal-fireControl tower at Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base
Figueroa MountainSanta Barbara881LPNFFair Condition, needs all window glass, no furnishings
Frazier MountainVentura1372LPNFBadly damaged
Hi MountainSan Luis Obispo552LPNFIn use as Condor tracking station
High PointSan Diego735CNFGood condition – Open
Hot Springs MountainSan Diego753Los Coyotes ReservationCollapsing
Junipero SerraMonterey 1864 LPNFSteel legs – no cab
Keller PeakSan Bernardino28SBNFGood condition – Open
La Cumbre PeakSanta Barbara882LPNFBadly damaged-Radiation hazard
Los Pinos MountainSan Diego742CNFGood condition – Open
Lyons PeakSan Diego754CNFFair Condition, No ceiling or furnishings
Manzanita MountainSanta Barbara1332LPNFNeed Info
Morton PeakSan Bernardino673SBNFGood condition – Open
Nordhoff PeakVentura1857LPNFSteel legs only
Red MountainRiverside290SBNFDestroyed by Fire September 2022, Fairview Fire
Red MountainSan Diego755Cal-fireConverted to comms facility
Salisbury PortreroSanta Barbara1395LPNFUnknown
San RafaelLos Angeles1220Glendale Fire DeptConverted to comms facility
Sid OrmsbyMonterey883PrivateFair Condition, converted to comms tower, possible RF radiation hazard
Slide MountainLos Angeles1045ANFGood condition – Open
Smith MountainMonterey884Cal-firePoor Condition, Private property
South MountainVentura885Ventura CountyConverted to comms facility
Strawberry PeakSan Bernardino293SBNFGood condition – Open
Tahquitz PeakSan Bernardino291SBNFGood condition – Open
Thorn PointVentura308LPNFPoor Condition
Vetter MountainLos Angeles294ANFNew Condition, rebuilt in 2020

ANF = Angeles National Forest
CNF = Cleveland National Forest
LPNF = Los Padres National Forest
MNF = Modoc National Forest
SBNF = San Bernardino National Forest