High Point

High Point Today

The first High Point lookout tower was constructed on the site in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the US Forest Service. That tower was replaced by the current structure in 1964.

A 13 x 13 foot CL-30 series steel cab sits atop an all-steel L-1600 series 67-6 tower. High Point Lookout is the tallest tower remaining in the Forest Service inventory in California.

The Cleveland National Forest last staffed the tower in 1992. The cab exterior and tower are in excellent condition. The interior was removed due to vandalism in 2005. A security gate has since been installed on the tower.

Tower restoration with new glass, cabinets and flooring was completed in 2009.

The San Diego-Riverside Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association began staffing the tower with volunteers for fixed-point fire detection in 2009. A major milestone was first achieved in 2013 when every day during the entire fire season FFLA-SDRC was able to staff the tower. FFLA-SDRC also achieved the same 100% goal during the 2014 fire season

Early Years
High Point 1935
High Point 2006